Lots of ask; why is NASA doing ‘Earth Sciences’ when it is expected to be studying area and other worlds? Well, NASA has actually been studying the Earth for a long time, and perhaps you are aware of NASA’s study of the Earth, undersea environments, getting meteorites at the pole, looking at auroras, geological formations, and so on – and this makes good sense due to the fact that if you plan on studying other planets you have to know as much as you can about your house planet. Still, why is NASA hectic studying International Warming on our tax dollars? Let’s discuss this, but first a few products:

NOAA = National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration.
NASA = National Aeronautics and Space Administration.

If NASA is going to continue Earth Sciences work such as Climatic and since both agencies use satellites to do it, combine them conserve the money, cut the waste in between. I still believe it’s easier to have one firm managing atmospheric, environment, weather condition. Both now participate in environment science. We have ‘climate science’ coming out of our ears and the costs are outrageous, we might have cured cancer if we would have used that cash to discover a cure. Besides Global Warming Theory is being used to suppress capitalism and promote a worldwide socialist program at the United Nations.

Why am I am referencing “worldwide socialism” you ask? It is because that is the primary chauffeur of the IPCC which isn’t really a clinical organization at all – it’s a political one. The IPCC or Global Panel on Environment Science, shouldn’t even have the word science in it, it’s run by bureaucrats and they have a political agenda, just as the rest of UN does, and the EU too. It does not take long to read the pdf reports from the last COP22, one go through that and its apparent exactly what’s going on, usual game, simply upping the ante with US taxpayer assured monies.

NASA has actually signed up with the IPCC celebration, whether our researchers believe in a one-world socialist run federal government or not, they are being utilized to that end. I do not think NASA ought to be party to such just because it was fashionable or because academic community leans that way. The Obama Administration is now gone, those policies declined by the electorate as his predecessor was defeated by commercial capitalist and billionaire Donald Trump, now it’s time for NASA to get back to area and ditch the wasteful diversion of resources, brain power, and effort – to no avail. Please tell your agents to obtain NASA back on its area mission – it’s time to focus and boldly go!